As the planet steps up, so do we.

It is well-known that excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere traps heat from the sun and warms our planet, resulting in dramatic changes to the world’s climate and this was an issue that played on the minds of the team at Misco Joinery.

After 30 years in business and over 20,000 kitchens designed and produced the time had come, it was their chance to give back some of what they had taken over the years.

In the humble beginnings the production of kitchens started out of farm buildings at the back of the family home where it continued to grow until 2017.  With a bit of foresight Misco purchased some land in Kaiapoi and now with a large roof space of 3500 sqm sitting over their purpose-built factory and showroom, Misco decided there was nothing more important than to make the conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

In March of 2019 local Solar expert Phil Le Poidevin took on the job of laying a massive 535 panels occupying most of the roof space. The design and installation was seamless. It was their goal to have as much of the surface covered as possible. They knew they had great exposure to all day sun so wanted to maximise the results as much as possible.

 Cost Savings:

As well as doing their bit for a more sustainable environment, the Misco team were also looking to set themselves up for long term cost savings. Sure enough, it’s already paying dividends and the results speak for themselves with an energy cost saving to date of almost $130,000.

Cost savings like this ultimately contribute to enabling their competitive position in the market as they look to the future. “Energy saving is a very relevant subject in the current economic environment. As consumers, we’ve all been affected by the soaring cost of energy along with other commodities” Says Glenn from Misco. Glenn further added “Along with the obvious environmental benefits, our solar installation gives us some certainty around some of our future running costs. For us, it was an easy decision to make.”

Reducing their carbon footprint and creating efficiencies:

Misco also boasts of their carbon dioxide savings to date of an impressive 322.5 tonnes. To put it simply, that is equivalent to planting 8,260 trees!

Michael and Glenn , the directors of Misco couldn't be happier with what they and the team have achieved by having this solar system installed. “It is great to feel like we are doing our bit, along with ensuring we are set up to run in the most efficient way in the future.” says Glenn.


*If you are interested in enquiring about a solar system, we recommend giving Solar365 a call – 0274768639.