7 of the Top Trends for 2022

7 of the Top Trends for 2022

As we are closing in on the end of 2021 (unbelievable!) We are looking ahead to the upcoming trends for 2022. The great thing about many of these trends is that they can be used in timeless applications with splashes of modern flare. There can be a lot of information thrown at you when you begin to design your kitchen so it can be great when you have an idea of elements you would like to add. Often this can provide designers with information needed for the required layout to make sure your non-negotiables are incorporated. Here are 7 trends to consider in 2022.

1. Minimalist Designs: 2022 is all about that clutter-free lifestyle- this will be a big effort for some of us! It is important to stick to one or two main materials throughout the kitchen/ living area, such as wood and stone. To add a feature to the room choose a contrasting texture or interesting shape to gain visual interest. It is important that for successful minimalism there is minimal furniture use and decorations. Focus on resisting the urge to impulse buy and keep shopping mindfully. Colour is directly related to minimalism, having a neutral, soft palette is crucial and adding features in different textures and shapes rather than colour.

2. Sustainability: Sustainability continues to be at the forefront of trends going into 2022. There are many ways that sustainability can be implemented into the kitchen from small tweaks to large scale changes. You could choose to start small and fit a quality waste disposal unit or recycling bin into your kitchen; or do a complete fit out with sustainable joinery and appliances. When looking for sustainable joinery the key points to look for are an Environmental Choice NZ accreditation, MDF board that has a E0 rating which is an emissions level less than 0.5mg/L and also responsibly sourced wood from sustainable forests. When purchasing appliances look for the energy star rating on the front. The higher the stars the more energy efficient meaning you save money and New Zealand saves energy and emissions.

nature trend3. Bringing Nature Indoors: House plants! House plants! House plants! You’ve probably seen them everywhere. They have become increasingly popular over lockdowns and they are set to continue their reign moving through the bedroom and bathroom and into the kitchen area. Besides indoor herbs, bringing nature into the kitchen can bring the space to life. They go perfectly with wooden features and contrast well with white and black cabinetry. The best beginner plants are Sweetheart Plant, Peace Lily, Snake Plant and Cactus. Plants for the more experience plant owners are Monstera, Palms, Fiddle Leaf Fig andBird of Paradise.

4. Rounded Edges: We are seeing a lot more rounded edges throughout newly designed homes and expect that to continue into 2022. There is something so comforting about soft, curved edges whether it is a statement couch or a coffee table display; they bring a sense of calmness to the room.

Curved end benchtops are simply stunning and create that point of difference (excuse the pun) at no extra cost. Adding a piece like a large Arch mirror, not only creates an additional element of light and space; the essence of the arch romanticises the room. We hope this trend stays around for a while!

5. Gold Accents: You’ve seen copper and brass have their moments but now it’s gold’s time to shine. Having gold accents is an easy and affordable way to add luxury into your kitchen.

Gold works so well with the already on trend themes of marble and dark, earthy tones. You can add gold through the handles, feature shelving and more recently- sinks, taps and waste kits.

dual handles6. Glass doors/ partitions: Maximising glass use within the kitchen and the living areas is going to be big in 2022. Having glass doors to the pantry is a great way to hide the mess but not fully close off the space in a  small area. Having glass front cabinetry doors for an on-bench pantry is also becoming very popular. These don’t have to be plain glass, we are seeing reeded glass and frosted glass being used. With the increasing trend of multifunctional spaces there is a need to be able to close a door if working from home, having internal glass doors is such a great addition as light is not compromised. It is not only doors that we are seeing glass be put into; large pendant lights over the kitchen bench and display vases are among others.

7. Multifunctional Spaces: As mentioned above the use of multifunctional spaces is becoming ever present due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic which has seen a lot of people needing to work from home. It has been tried and tested that working from table, couch or the bed is not great for our backs or our work ethic! Equipping your home with a functional space to be able to work in and separate the home/work life is very practical. A lot of people might not have space to have a full study room so here is where you have to get creative. A good place to add a desk is at the end of your kitchen area. You are able to follow the benchtop along the wall at a lower height to suit your needs, creating a seamless, clean appearance. Another way to add a desk is into a small area that can then be concealed with some doors to hide any mess.