Embrace the Season: Spring Trends in Kitchen Joinery

Embrace the Season: Spring Trends in Kitchen Joinery

The blossoms have bloomed and the days continue to grow longer, it is the perfect time to breathe new life into your kitchen space. Spring is not just about the cleaning and decluttering; it is also about bringing a fresh style to your home. This year, spring trends are leaning towards a blend of many aesthetics, where neutral/muted tones, woodgrain textures, earthy colours and dark features create a kitchen that is both inviting and on-trend. Take note of these exciting trends that will rejuvenate your space this season.

Neutral/Muted Tones:

The palette of the season revolves around soft shades that create a clean canvas while still adding a personal flare. Think of muted greys and pastels as seen in this image. This stunning home chose Melteca Possum Pearl, a muted sage green for the dominant colour.

Texture, Texture, Texture:

Texture is the key to adding depth and character to your kitchen. Incorporating woodgrain is a timeless choice that aligns perfectly with the season. Opt for woodgrain feature cabinetry or open shelving to introduce warmth and a touch of rustic charm.

Earthy Colours:

Spring is most commonly known for its abundance of colour. Some may think more of pastels and bright popping yellows but there is also a touch of earthiness to it too. Deep greens and warm browns. These colours not only create a cozy atmosphere but also connect your space to the beauty of the outdoors.  Consider using these as a dominant or accent colour for your cabinetry.

Dark Features:

Whether it’s dark bench tops, a statement backsplash or gunmetal fixtures, these elements provide a striking contrast to any kitchen space. Add a touch of depth and create a more visually intriguing area.

Contemporary, Nordic and Urban Aesthetics:

This spring, it’s all about combining elements from different design styles to create your own unique kitchen space. Contemporary kitchens emphasize sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics, while Nordic design brings in a sense of simplicity and functionality. The urban influence adds an edgy industrial flair. Blend these styles to make your kitchen both fashionable and functional.

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