How to Achieve a Modern Aesthetic

How to Achieve a Modern Aesthetic


A modern aesthetic can be closely correlated with minimalism, when it comes to design style, both of these terms create spaces around the ideals of “less is more” to streamline the components of living. To produce a minimalist appearance it will require a neutral-toned area and a decluttered space that is clean to enhance the calmness and tranquility. The modern aesthetic was designed by Bauhaus with the intention of combining function with form, each and every element within the space should have a purpose for being there.

Decluttering can be a difficult task for most people. It is important that you define the line between what items you need and what you want, then you need to make sure that you stick to it. Create spaces for the remaining items you don’t want to part with, that is out of sight and out of mind. Think smart when it comes to storage, to minimise the clutter use different types of storage solutions within your cupboards to use the space more wisely. The most popular storage solutions that we supply are the Hafele Le Mans Corner Storage Unit, the Dispensa and Dispensa Jr Units, and the iMove Overhead Unit.


Stripping everything back, to achieve the initial modern design starts with the layout of the area. Utilising modern architectural beauty in the way of sleek, clean lines is the best way to start. A designer is able to give you multiple options for how to layout your kitchen making sure that everything is crisp and simple with areas that you can add your own touch to. Where you position the lighting in the kitchen is also crucial to the overall look getting as much natural light into the room as possible is what you are after. Open up those windows, place mirrors in spots that reflect the light; it all adds to the overall design. If the kitchen is not close to a window you can ask your builder if a skylight is an option for your kitchen area as they are very on-trend at the moment.

Leaving the structural walls exposed to show to bare materials like steel and concrete is another component used to achieve a modern look. If this is out of your price range or just not something you are into you can look at adding these materials/colours elsewhere. In the kitchen, it is possible to have a concrete look benchtop made out of engineered stone or laminate. Adding glass to the kitchen can be done by putting in a glass splashback in your desired colour.


There’s a preconceived idea that producing a modern appearance will create a cold, rigid and uncomfortable space. This tends to be because of the initial lack of colour which makes sense, although when done correctly adding colour becomes eye-catching and comforting. Having those neutrals as grounding tones within a modern layout setting, alongside natural lighting and minimalism, enhances the feeling of calm. The simple background colour palette minimizes the distractions and breaks the eye from bouncing around the room. It allows for a better sense of direction as you can always create an inviting space out of a simple base.

Warmth & Texture

The most common ways to add texture is in the flooring and the joinery (an additional colour or profile option). A popular colour pairing is white and woodgrain. There are so many woodgrains that can create warmth in your house. In keeping with the simple base, carrying one woodgrain tone throughout the house builds on that initial base. You can add it to the flooring, the back panels of an island, or open shelving.

Adding a feature wall piece is a great way to add your touch to the room. Whether it is a piece of art, wall planner, mirror or a clock, there are so many options when it comes to adding a piece to the wall. A statement art piece can make the space feel personal- adding your own style to your home. A wall planner creates order for the whole family whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. Having a large, clear-based wall planner will blend into the wall, maintaining that minimalist feel. Mirrors are great for smaller spaces as they create the illusion of a larger space as well as reflecting light back into the room. A clock is a timeless piece that doesn’t need to have too much detail.

There are many ways to achieve a modern aesthetic without breaking the bank. Our designers will be able to guide you throughout the process to achieve your design goals in the kitchen. It is important to convey any lighting/ window changes to your builder before signing off on the plans. Existing kitchens do not need a complete refit, the modern look can be achieved with a few key accessories.