How to Make the Most of the Space in a Small Kitchen

How to Make the Most of the Space in a Small Kitchen

It can be hard to know where to start when looking at a blank canvas especially when you know you have to fit your kitchen and entertainment space into it. Even more so when that space is on the small side. Having a smaller area to work with doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the details, there are ways to work around this to include almost everything you need (but also want!)

Small spaces can make or break a kitchen design, thinking innovatively to make the most of the space will determine what you can do. Adding corner units and upper storage that is more ergonomic depends on the layout you have, whether confined to a corner or along a single wall. It is often said that a Galley-style kitchen works the best for a smaller space as it features two parallel walls with benches, cabinets and storage on either side. Allowing there to be no awkward corners to work with and giving you full access to the entire kitchen however, there are now great corner storage solutions that allow you to choose the layout you want. In kitchen layouts like L, G and U shaped and Island kitchens, it is possible to add a breakfast bar to incorporate a 'dining' area into a small space. It acts as a great place to entertain too, as people are able to converse with others whilst in the kitchen.

Use any available space wisely by incorporating built-in storage, for example; fitting a storage unit into corners, racks inside cupboards, drawers inside cabinets, allowing for easier access and using the space to do more than just one job. It is possible to add adjustable drawers to the inside of cabinets to create more order and for you to create a unique, tailored area.

You could even think about what appliances or items are on your current bench that could be hidden elsewhere to minimise the clutter and give yourself a larger benchtop space to work on. When it comes to giving yourself more available space in the whole kitchen, let’s look at determining which of the bigger and bulkier appliances don’t actually need to be in your kitchen at all. For instance, an additional refrigerator or a freezer can be placed in areas like the garage or laundry to free up some room in the kitchen area (take a double fridge freezer down to just a single).

For a few years now, minimalism has been a strong trend in the kitchen area. Think clean lines, induction cooktops, glass splashbacks and the use of only one base colour. Minimalism creates a sense of order within a space, makes it look and feel organised. Utilising bright, light colours that are paired with subtle textures creates a calm colour scheme to build around.

When moving into a new kitchen; whether it’s larger or smaller (though especially if it's smaller), it is best practice to declutter your cupboards, drawers and pantry. When space is limited it is important to only have items that you frequently use. If there are other items that you want to keep, you can always store them in another area depending on extra storage space.

Consider ideas like a mirrored splashback or a skylight, things to generate more natural light to make the space feel bigger. Keep accessories to a minimum or make sure they work well with the other items in the space, reinforcing the point of minimalism, you don’t want anything to clash and create a cluttered appearance.

No matter the space, there are always ways to make the most of what you have.