Moana Pasifika Partnership

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Moana Pasifika Partnership

Misco Joinery is excited to announce our partnership as a major sponsor for the Super Rugby team Moana Pasifika this season. We've secured a prominent spot on the match day shorts, solidifying our commitment to supporting rugby and our community.

Our decision to partner with Moana Pasifika was a natural one, driven by our shared values of family and community. When we examined Moana Pasifika as an organisation, we found that their ethos resonated deeply with ours, making the collaboration a perfect fit.

But how did this connection come about?

One of our esteemed team members in Auckland, Joe Faaiu, has a rich history in rugby, having played for Wanganui, Nelson Bays, and Southland in the late '90s and early 2000s. It was through Joe's association with rugby legend Sir Michael Jones that the opportunity to support Moana Pasifika arose. Joe has been actively involved in assisting Sir Michael's charity, The Village Trust, which is dedicated to providing essential food parcels to families in need within our community.

During the challenging times brought about by the Covid pandemic, Joe utilised the Misco Joinery truck to deliver these crucial food parcels throughout the community. This initiative not only demonstrated our commitment to supporting those in need but also highlighted the power of community-driven partnerships.

Today, our Misco delivery truck proudly displays the branding of both The Village Trust and Misco Joinery, serving as a lifeline to those facing hardships within our community.

Misco x The VillageAs a family-run business, Misco Joinery takes immense pride in our sponsorship of Moana Pasifika and our ongoing support of The Village Trust. This partnership embodies our core values of unity, compassion, and community engagement, and we look forward to making a positive impact together both on and off the rugby field.