The 3 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

The 3 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

Choosing your kitchen layout may seem like an easy enough task, but it can in fact be the crucial factor to a well-functioning and practical space. Whether your space is small and difficult to picture what would work or large and spacious, a good layout will determine just how well it works when it comes to the everyday functions.
In order to achieve this, it is important to utilise the idea of the working triangle. This being the distance between your sink, stove and fridge, the three main appliances in your kitchen, it is said that the most effective work spaces allow 1200mm between each of these workstations. Doing so, will minimise the interruptions during the processes of using the kitchen space for cooking and preparing a meal where you utilise all parts of the kitchen.

This way you can have the space needed to perform each task in its own area. The idea behind the working triangle is to effectively create a design that can incorporate many layouts and still be both functional and ergonomic. There is a lot more consideration that goes into planning a kitchen than any other room per say, it’s not just about placing some furniture and cabinetry in a way that’s appealing. Kitchens need to be a place that is able to be utilised comfortably as it is an area used by everyone for many different tasks and activities. When it comes to utilising the space you have, there are plenty of layouts to choose from, the most common are; galley, L-shaped and U-Shaped.

A galley style kitchen layout is two parallel benches with your walkway between, they are most commonly used in small, tighter spaces as it is most compact when it comes to placement. Galley style layouts focus on the efficiency of the kitchen, it allows you to have all the necessary room for preparing a meal on one side to minimize running around the kitchen. They also benefit from a large amount of bench space as both walls have benches that can go across as far as you like. There are some disadvantages to consider because although it may suit some kitchens it may not suit your space. Galley layouts tend to be quite narrow, so if the kitchen area is usually utilised by more than 2 people in your household at a time then it can create a crowded space in which the working triangle may be compromised.

An L-Shaped kitchen layout offers great efficiency and creates a naturally open and welcoming space for a small-medium sized area. It is perfect for open plan designs as it has a free flow between its surroundings which is also beneficial when entertaining as there is minimal traffic. It may not be your best option if you have a large area to cover as it can spread out your appliances a little too much. You don’t want to be finding yourself running around the kitchen when trying to prepare a meal. There is the option to add an island into the shaped kitchen which can reduce the distance between the appliances if the sink is placed on the island. An L-Shaped kitchen can also be great if you have a combined kitchen dining as it flows through to the table and chairs to make dinners relaxed and easy.

When it comes to the working triangle, one of the best layouts for this to work well is a U-Shaped kitchen. Efficiency is the key point of this working well together, it gives you all the space to prepare a meal or entertain without the consistent running around or getting into each other's way when multiple people are using the kitchen. A U-Shaped kitchen offers three separate bench spaces to your desired lengths. These can all be used at the same time without the foot traffic and allows easy access to appliances. A feature of a U-Shaped kitchen is that you can typically utilise one benchtop to be free, therefore giving guests somewhere to sit during preparation whilst also dividing your kitchen and your living space. Adding a breakfast bar to the free island/ peninsula benchtop is great if you are short on dining space. As with all layouts though, some spaces may not work with a U-Shaped kitchen, if the area is too small it may feel quite enclosed.

These are just a few of the most common layouts but definitely not the only ones out there, there is plenty of room for creativity to produce your ideal design and put your own spin on things. Remember to factor in the working triangle to ensure an efficient and practical space that’ll leave you relaxed when utilizing your kitchen.