Toitū Envirocare

Toitū Envirocare

Misco Joinery are pleased to announce that we have achieved Toitū Enviromark Gold certification. As a company, we are excited to have achieved this environmental certification, which serves as recognition of our continued commitment to making a real, positive difference through better practices and ongoing operational improvement.

What is Toitū Envirocare?

Toitū Envirocare assists over 1,000 businesses globally through their comprehensive system of carbon and environmental programmes. They utilise science-based tools, actions, and evidence to make real, measurable progress. Working together with environmentally minded and sustainability driven businesses such as Misco Joinery, Toitū focuses on the philosophy of working together to change and improve the future of our environment and economy.

What steps did Misco take to achieve Toitū Enviromark Gold certification?

Misco worked through Toitū’s three-tiered accreditation system, encompassing environmental management, certification, and reporting.

Using Toitū’s comprehensive environmental management system as a starting point, Misco developed, reviewed, and will continually improve our own custom systems to manage environmental aspects and impacts, including legislative considerations, health and safety, and emergency preparedness.

Focus on sustainability

Misco has focused on employing a wide range of technical tools, resources and systems to further enhance our sustainability.

The implementation of our comprehensive environmental management system helps ensure that we continue to proactively do our part as a company, working towards creating a cleaner, safer and improved working environment, whilst also increasing business efficiency.  

From our purpose-built factory and showroom, located in Kaiapoi, Misco’s company goal is to ensure we are taking responsibility of our environmental impact as best we can. This focus on long-term sustainability includes the installation five years ago of 535 solar panels on our roof, one of the largest and most efficient solar farms in the country.

Our dedicated team of over 70 designers, optimisers, joiners, factory workers, accounts, production, and installation staff all take on board the responsibility of ensuring that the business is actively increasing our sustainability focus and best business practices.  In doing so, Misco are taking credible steps toward a more sustainable future and helping to create a better environment.